Dunofax™ is the only 100% natural Vocal Cord Nodules treatment that starts to show results within a matter of days. It's made with pure plant sources, so there is no need to worry about side effects from dangerous oral drugs or ineffective over the counter products.

Dunofax™ is suitable for all age groups. Just use it 2  times daily according to instructions and you will begin to see clear improvement  within days.
Dunofax™ is highly effective because it works in a variety of ways. It attacks the underlying reasons for Vocal Cord Nodules as well as the short term effects of the disease in terms of symptoms.

Works in harmony with your body
Unlike other Vocal Cord Nodules treatments which have harmful side-effects that alter the delicate internal balance of the body, Dunofax™ works in total harmony with the natural healing abilities of the body, prompting it to employ its own repair mechanisms, just as nature intended.

Based on a best selling Naturopathic formula
Dunofax™ is based on a best-selling product developed by a group of leading Naturopaths and herbalists. The original product has won a number of awards and is already used extensively all over the world.

Results guaranteed within two weeks.
Order one bottle of Dunofax™ today and see results in just 14 days.

We guarantee that a significant improvement will take place within this time. If you are not satisfied with the results we will refund 100% of your money back (including delivery and packaging charges) without asking for the remaining formula to be returned.

This unique guarantee is designed to show you how confident we are about our product's effectiveness, especially if you're skeptical after having tried all kinds of treatments.